Welcome to GLLOP

We offer a variety of girl empowerment programs, trainings and services designed to inspire passion, build confidence, increase capacity, strengthen families and support teen girls as they transition to womanhood.

GLLOP was birthed in 2005 by Founder and CEO, Leslie Bryant Denman and established as a 501c3 nonprofit organization in October 2007.

Our Vision

To empower girls from the inside-out. We envision girls celebrating their femininity. We envision girls at the conclusion of each program level possessing the understanding, wisdom and knowledge to live life on purpose.

We envision girls better equipped to make good, sound decisions to accomplish all that they purpose to do. We envision girls developing a plan and taking action, not allowing their race, gender, community, or financial status to limit their potential.

Our mission is to empower girls around the world to discover who they are, to connect with other like minded girls and to pursue their purpose with passion.

Meet Leslie Bryant Denman, Founder GLLOP

Leslie’s mission as both a powerful speaker and coach, and as a human being, simple: Help women and  girls find purpose and prosperity living out what they were called to do.

A former teen mom and breast cancer survivor, Leslie infuses audiences with possibility as she shares her own personal testimony on how she channeled faith to overcome significant adversity and become a thriving entrepreneur, purpose driven woman and parent.

As part of her transformation, Leslie founded Girls Living Life on Purpose, Inc., through which she mentors and inspires teen girls and young women, following their progress as they grow into adulthood.

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