Be MAD Challenge Day One

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MAD3We are so excited!!! Today starts a week of MAD love.  Mothers around the world are being INTENTIONAL about being the LOUDEST voice in our daughters head.

For the next 7 days. Count them...

We are going to spend quality time with our daughters.  Doing simple things to show that we care.  We are going to slow down from the busyness of life to remind our daughters that they are a priority.  We are going to listen.  We are going to laugh.  We are going to show MAD Love.

Are you a mom MAD in love with your daughter?  Join the movement...



Here are a few MAD ideas to get you started:

  • Cook a meal
  • IM each other (Mom, that means Instant Message)
  • Take a walk and encourage her to talk about her dreams and you just listen
  • Exercise and talk about the importance of wellness
  • Talk about ways to strengthen your relationship
  • Speak affirmations
  • Pray
  • Watch a comedy and laugh together
  • Turn on some music and be silly together
  • Share family history
  • Share some of your childhood struggles to remind her that she is not alone
  • Write in your Gratitude journal
  • Send Thank You/Thinking of You cards
  • Start a Be MAD Club and do activities with our mothers and daughters
  • Read a classic novel
  • Attend workshops
  • Take selfies and talk about the importance of being safe and responsible online
  • Volunteer and talk about the importance of giving back

Be sure to share you Be MAD Moments with us.   Take a MAD Selfie post it to your Facebook Page with hashtage #bemadmovement or email it to us