Be MAD Challenge Day Three

  Get moving today Take a walk in the park. Talk about the importance of staying active. Talk about appreciating nature. Talk about moving forward in life. Have fun and get that heart rate up. Don’t forget to post your BE MAD selfies and use hashtag #bemadmovement

Be MAD Challenge Day Two

    Day Two MAD Activity Ideas: Today BE INTENTIONAL about discussing your daughters day at school. Ask questions and listen. Find out her high point (the best part of her day) at school and her low point (not so good part of her day) at school.  Ask questions but don’t lecture. #bemadmovment   Makeover Monday Let your daughter dress up in your clothes (Mom’s put on daughter’s clothes), do each other’s make up and take selfie pics. This is a good time to have a lighthearted conversation about natural makeup and appropriate clothing choices.#BeMADMovement #CrownGems    Don’t forget to post your Continue reading

Be MAD Challenge Day One

    We are so excited!!! Today starts a week of MAD love.  Mothers around the world are being INTENTIONAL about being the LOUDEST voice in our daughters head. For the next 7 days. Count them… We are going to spend quality time with our daughters.  Doing simple things to show that we care.  We are going to slow down from the busyness of life to remind our daughters that they are a priority.  We are going to listen.  We are going to laugh.  We are going to show MAD Love. Are you a mom MAD in love with your Continue reading

Letter to Mothers with Daughters

Dear Mom, Please teach your daughters how to be free. Free from unrealistic expectations, free from fear of their greatness, free from the definitions of others. Teach them that beauty cannot be consumed. You cannot buy beauty, it is something that you must be. Teach them the value of time. It is something that you can never get back. There are no do, overs so be the best you that you can be in every moment. Teach them how to invest. Not only money, but how to invest in people. Those provide the most lucrative returns. Teach them that one Continue reading

Ways to Pop-Up and Check-In With Your Daughter

We lead such busy lives that it is easy to forgot to check in with our daughters to see how they are REALLY doing? The days in our teenage daughters lives change from minute to minute and sometimes second to second.  One minute things are awesome and the next there was a tweet or Facebook post that has totally changed her mood. Oftentimes, as mom we are clueless to what happened… Our girls heads are buried in the screen for hours on end.  Some where during that time, mom needs to pop up and check in. Here are three simple Continue reading


Now that I have an empty nest, I reflect back on the precious moments my daughters and I shared.  I am especially thankful for the times we sat down and evaluated our relationship.  My mom and I had a very healthy relationship.  When I was a teen, I could talk to her about things that other girls would probably be to nervous and scared to talk to their mother about.  Like that time, I found out I was pregnant at young age of fourteen and wondering how much longer.  How much longer before my mom finds out.  How much longer Continue reading


Recently, I attended an event and received a COOL bookmark from Common Sense Media.  The bookmark shared some great tips for kids and parents and I will share them with you now… TOP TEN TIPS FOR KIDS 1. Cyberbullying and digital harassment are never okay:  Stand up for others and flag cruel comments that you see online. 2. Always use the strictest online privacy settings:  Make sure they’re up-to-date on all your devices. 3. Never share personal information or passwords online. 4. UNPLUG! Turn off your phone and other digital devices in class, during meals, and before bedtime. 5. Protect Continue reading

Parent Pointer for Today

By now I am sure you have become aware that there is no manual on being a parent.  For many of us we rely on the written Word to guide us and there are still days you want to throw up your hands. We thought…how about asking the girls to share some pointers they feel would help us step up our game as parents. Share your struggles as a child.  Your daughter needs to know that she is not an alien from another planet.  She needs to know that you faced some of the same challenges.  Share some of your Continue reading