Latricia Adams Chairman of 2007 Cultural & Etiquette Workshop Missionary Baptist General Convention

“Leslie Denman is a natural motivator. She is a very talented and dynamic speaker. She possesses the rare combination of exceptional speaking abilities and a sincere dedication to both youth and parents. Last Spring at the Missionary Baptist General Convention of Texas Mrs. Denman was extremely successful in a presentation to over one hundred teen girls and their parents. I cannot overemphasize how fortunate we were to have her speak to the youth and how well disciplined the youth were during her presentation.”

Toni Herbert My Mentor and Friend

“I just want to give Leslie Denman kudos on how such a wonderful and awesome job she is doing with Girls Living Life on Purpose. Since my children and I joined the organization, I have learned so much and how to really communicate with them. You get so stuck in the Mommie mode until you actually forget that very own children have their own voice. I can sit back and reminisce on how I use to be as a parent, I use to tell them everything that they were going to do instead of giving them the opportunity to sit Continue reading