In this highly interactive half day workshop, Coach Leslie walks attendees through her seven step process to date with confidence.    Never before has there been a workshop like this that empowers attendees with their own individual blueprint for developing and maintaining a healthy relationship.

Girls will learn:

  • seven key principles to developing and maintaining a healthy relationship.
  • how to protect themselves emotionally, physically and spiritually when dating.
  • the power of asking the questions.
  • so much more during our GIRL TALK session.

Outcomes for Parents:
As a result of you making this investment in our child, you can have confidence in knowing your daughter:

  • understands the responsibility and consequences associated with dating
  • will avoid the #1 mistake girls make when it comes to dating
  • is empowered to set and defend her boundaries
  • will maintain focus on the big picture when dating
  • has access to a professional Girls Empowerment Expert


Workshop includes:

  • Copy of Coach Leslie's book "The Purpose Diva's Guide to Dating: 7 Things Every Girl Should Know"
  • D3 Workbook
  • Snacks


What girls are saying about the workshop

Coach Leslie, today I walked into class not knowing what to expect but I can say that I left with more tools for being a "smart woman" in my toolbox than when I walked through the door.  I hope that you continue giving young women tools to know how to "play the game!" because you do it very well!

Out of all the workshops I've attended, I feel that this one was by far the most helpful and powerful.  Teens need to hear the hard core truth about life.

I think this was great.  I can use this information in my life and I can ask questions instead of regretting the decision I make.

This workshop with Coach Leslie was an inspiration and well educated and factual workshop.  I encourage any and everybody to join and listen to what this gifted and spiritual women has to say.  I hope you learn like I have learned, how to be successful in your dating experiences. 


What people are saying about the book

Dating can be sometimes exciting, sometimes painful, yet always challenging for teenage girls.  This book   provides essential information about dating in a very insightful yet direct way in which teenage girls can relate.  It asks the right questions to enable young girls to choose more wisely when making decisions about dating.  ~ Lady Emmy, model, TV Personality and youth expert


This is a good book, it really makes you think.  I wish I had it when I was much younger. ~ Danielle,  age 17


I recommend it to all of my girls as they are approaching the ages of curiosity.  We don’t ever want our young girls/ladies to start dating but it will happen and they need to know who they are and what they are worth.  I just want to say to the author, this book has helped me and I’m married with children, so just think of the impact this will make in the lives of our young ladies if it is applied. ~ Ms. Hookfin