We are so proud of our Purpose Girls.  They are truly fantabulous!

Enjoy this Q&A with Purpose Girl Nathalie.

Q. Who are you?

A. I am Nathalie Roman and I AM LOYALTY.  I am 13 and attend Nichols Jr High.

Q. Share one way in which you live out who you are everyday?

A. By not caring what others have to say about me, because I am me and no one will ever change that.

Q. What is your goal for this academic school year?

A. My goals for this academic school year, is to the soccer team!

Q. What personal challenges have you had to overcome within the last 12 to 24 months?  And how were you able to overcome them.

A. Bullying. I was able to overcome the fact that whether people bully me or not, I learn not to let a lot things get to me.

Q. Do you feel that it is easy or difficult to be a girl in this culture?

A. Yes, although no on will ever truly stick with me forever besides my mom and the Purpose Girls Family; life will be hard to go through but f you wiggle your way through it, it will be a fun ride.

Q. If you had to deliver the United Girls Around the World Address, share one thing you would say to girls around the world?

A. Being a girl isn't an easy task because of stereotyping and other sexist remarks.  One of the key things to do is to not anything get to you.  No matter what anyone has to say, you make sure you are successful in life.

Q. If you could give one piece of advice to parents of youth, what would it be?

A. Being a parent is a struggle because I see it in my own mom. Push through because you will see that being a parent can be the best thing and it can make you very proud.

Q. Ten years from now, where will you be and what will you be doing?

A. I will be finishing Medical School in order to become a surgeon, and just enjoying life in general.

Q. Share one of your favorite quotes, poem, or phrases.

A. Don't let others action influence you.  Let your actions impress others.

Q. In closing, share one thing about yourself that people would find funny, exciting or surprising about you?

A. I am a unicorn that flys high in order to succeed.