Letter to Mothers with Daughters

Dear Mom,

Please teach your daughters how to be free. Free from unrealistic expectations, free from fear of their greatness, free from the definitions of others.

Teach them that beauty cannot be consumed. You cannot buy beauty, it is something that you must be.

Teach them the value of time. It is something that you can never get back. There are no do, overs so be the best you that you can be in every moment.

Teach them how to invest. Not only money, but how to invest in people. Those provide the most lucrative returns.

Teach them that one kind word can make a difference, but so can one unkind word. Teach them that things are to be used and people are to be loved.

Teach them that happiness is a choice despite their circumstances. And that a smile can heal the deepest wounds.

Teach your daughters that fairy tales are not real, but that there are men who will give them the world in exchange for their heart.

Teach them that broken hearts can mend. Intelligence is sexy. And God is the only one who will never disappoint them.

Proud Supporter of Be MAD Movement,
D’Ivoire Johnson