Leslie Denman

Leslie’s mission as both a powerful speaker and coach, and as a human being, simple: Help women and  girls find purpose and prosperity living out what they were called to do.

Leslie founded Girls Living Life on Purpose, Inc., through which she mentors and inspires teen girls and young women, following their progress as they grow into adulthood.

LaTasha Evans
Program and Site Coordinator

LaTasha is a professional educator in the non-profit world, were she teaches youth to value themselves, boundaries and expectations, and to refrain from risky behaviors.

She has a rewarding career and has met many wonderful people on her continued journey to reaching youth in our communities.

As a young person she quickly understood the importance of preparation, hard work, and respect. She applies these values to her endeavors by making an inventory of resources, planning her life for efficiency and working on her goals every single day.

She is currently embarking on her dreams to continue her education for wedding and event planning and small business management. She enjoys arts and crafts and traveling.

Fred Witherspoon

My name is Fred Witherspoon. I am a facilitator with Girls Living Life on Purpose, Inc. I enjoy working with youth and helping them to discover their dreams, reach their full potential and to know their value through education. I believe every child should know their worth and know how to command respect as well as treat others with respect.

My wife and I have two wonderful sons that we are very proud of. We also Pastor a church, and are owner/operators of a childcare center. I enjoy cooking and I love music of all kinds.

Cecilia Esquivel Silva

Cecilia Silva is passionate about helping people who feel lost and alone find hope through genuine relationships. Cecilia brings her years of experience in Project Management to the nonprofit sector.

Cecilia has served as Project Director, and Project Manager Director. She is happily married mother of two teenage sons, Cecilia enjoys reading, writing, singing, and spending time with her loved ones.

Board of Directors

Dianne Matthews
Roz Knighten
Shonny DeBouse-Young

Advisory Board

Anna McCoy, Founder
Woman Act Now, Inc.



Phyllis Hayden, CEO
Transitional Woman