Let's face it, trying to raise a teen can prove both rewarding and challenging.  Our youth have so much access and things are so fast pace, until is hard to catch up.  As soon as you learn about one social media platform, another one shows up.  Our jobs are more demanding and our families structure is not as solid as it once was.  What is a parent to do?

Parents on Purpose (POP) is an exciting program created to be a safe place for parents to dialogue and receive support as they strive to raise their child(ren) to be successful individuals.

POP Clubs are monthly gathering of parents to share stories, learn new skills, ask questions and be a part of a supportive circle of parents.  Nothing complicated, just a place for parents  to breathe and know that they are not alone in some of the challenges that come with raising teens.


The Arlington Police Department's Human Trafficking Outreach program exists to:

  • bring awareness to labor and sex trafficking that occurs around the metroplex.
  • educate the community on just how easily one becomes a victom of trafficking.
  • equip attendees with the knowledge of what to look for to properly notify authoriries in case they suspect someone is being trafficked.

The desire of the Arlington Police Deparment's Human Trafficking Outreach Program is to rescue victims to help restore them to the quality of life they deserve and we need as many people as possible to help us locate the victims.

What can be expected during this Human Trafficking Presentation:

  • Define Human Trafficking
  • Trafficking vs. Smuggling
  • Strategies for Identifying Human Trafficking
  • Dynamics of Human Trafficking (Victim's Experience)
  • and assistance/resource for victims

2225 Avenue J, Suite 103 - Arlington, TX 76006

Refreshments will be served.