Our CORE program and events are Rated PG for Strong Purpose and Girl Content™. We are Girl Empowerment Experts. We are Urban Culture Specialists. We are mentors. Girl Empowerment Coaches. We are what we need to be to help girls become who they were created to be.

We care about girls. We care about their families. We believe every girl wants to be a success. No girl sets out to fail but the truth of the matter is that many of them will, if they fail prey to the false images presented as societies truth. Our teenage girls face constant pressure to be stronger, prettier, smarter, and sexier, all while they are going through physical and neurological changes at the most volatile time in their lives.

One of the biggest challenges girls face today is a sense of identity and a sense of self-worth. Without proper guidance, self-exploration, cultural exposure, accountability, and support our girls lose hope and become disconnected. All the while, society remains in a state of deniability. GLLOP in the house

p1050047-403x270It’s time for a new approach. The images are more invasive so our approach must be just as evasive, if not more.

We have decided to get intimately involved in the lives of our teen girls. We are challenging to raise their standards. We are demanding more and providing them with the tools, strategies, love and support to deliver it.

We incorporate Positive Youth Development and Urban Culture Strategies into every fiber of our organization. We are invading this urban culture to promote social, emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being in all the girls that participate in our programs.

Our energies and efforts are in two main areas: Purpose Girls Academy and Girls Empowerment Events

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