Purpose Girl of the Month – January: Miss Amya Gray

Purpose Girl of the Month – January: Miss Amya Gray

We are so proud of our Purpose Girls.  They are truly fantabulous!

Enjoy this Q&A with Purpose Girl Amya.

Q. Who are you?

A. I am Amya Gray and I AM HUMOR.  I am 13 and attend W.H. Atwell.

Q. Share one way in which you live out who you are everyday?

A. One way I use my humor is by trying to make people happy when they are down.

Q. What is your goal for this academic school year?

A. My goals for this school year is to get all A's again and to skip up a grade.

Q. What personal challenges have you had to overcome within the last 12 to 24 months?  And how were you able to overcome them.

A. One challenge that I had to overcome is my great grandmother being in the hospital.

Q. Do you feel that it is easy or difficult to be a girl in this culture?

A. Yes, one example is everyone judging and thinking black girls or women can't do anything important.

Q. If you had to deliver the United Girls Around the World Address, share one thing you would say to girls around the world?

A. One thing I would say to the girls around the world is to be yourself and to use your gift for good and to help others.

Q. If you could give one piece of advice to parents of youth, what would it be?

A. One piece of advice I would give parents is to be patient with us kids because at one point you did the same.

Q. Ten years from now, where will you be and what will you be doing?

A. Ten years from now I will be helping children around the world after graduating from college and getting settled down.

Q. Share one of your favorite quotes, poem, or phrases.

A. One of my favorite quotes: "Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." - Oscar Wilde

Q. In closing, share one thing about yourself that people would find funny, exciting or surprising about you?

A. I eat a lot of food.