The Purpose Girls Academy (PGA)


New program year begins October 2017

PGA is the ideal place for teen girls to discover their true identity and get empowered for purpose and success. Our girls need a place to relax and simply BE. A place to dream without fear of failure. A place to examine their moral compass. A place to ask questions without judgment. A place to learn what it means to be a girl that transforms into a successful woman. A place where self-esteem is elevated.  A place where confidence is boosted. A place like PGA.


PGA provides a safe place for girls to experience exploratory learning. PGA is designed to teach girls 21st Century work and life skills. PGA is where social and emotional learning takes place.  We support the mental and emotional needs of our girls.

PGA is an quality extended learning opportunity, that takes a more intimate approach and reflects an understanding of the realities of teen urban girls today. We meet girls where they are and help them discover who they are. We give them full permission to share who they hope to become and empower them with the essential skills to make it happen.

Our girls have many questions. They are exploring all that is right and wrong with their physical appearance, they are trying to fit in and desperately trying fight the negative images and messages that bombard their day-to-day life.

PGA is ideal for the girl:

  • Struggling with her identity
  • With too much unproductive time on her hands.
  • In need a mentor and a listening ear.
  • That needs a gentle nudge to get more serious about her future.
  • Starting to display negative attitudes and behaviors.
  • In need of the necessary skills to navigate the teen years.
  • Craving to be a part of a positive and supportive group.
  • Experiencing conflict with family and peers.
  • Looking for answers to life and purpose.
  • Ready to be challenged to a greater level of thinking and performance.

All PGA courses are designed to elevate a girls' self-esteem, heighten her self-awareness, improve her communication skills, and social interaction skills, equip her with soft career skills as well as develop her leadership qualities.

When girls first enroll in PGA they go through our (8) week leadership program strategically designed to help girls discover their strengths, build their confidence, and plan for a successful future.

The eight core concepts of our leadership curriculum are:

  • How to Lead Through Your Values
  • Receiving and Responding to Criticism
  • Goal Setting
  • Communicate with Style
  • Power Play
  • Leaders and Followers
  • Thinking Creatively
  • Celebrating Success

We also offer group coaching and mentoring. The strength of our group coaching program is in creating opportunities for reflective learning and creative problem solving. We provide an environment where facilitators slowly fade into the background to allow true cohesive group development to occur.

PGA — The place where girls:

  • are challenged to THINK in a new way
  • discover insights for themselves
  • create solid and intimate connections
  • learn from each other and share experiences
  • build internal capacity and knowledge
  • buy-in to their own success
  • develop a culture that honors and celebrates the female experience

Course Descriptions

Abstinence 101
This course is designed to increase the number of girls who choose to postpone sexual involvement until marriage, as well as reduce the high teen birth rate and other risk behaviors (e.g., drugs, alcohol and violence) through a strengths-based, positive youth development (PYD) approach.

Identity Formation 101
The primary goal of this course is to provide girls with a clear sense of self. Girls are bombarded with so many messages and ideals. This course helps girls explore their own values and beliefs systems, racial, ethnic identity, spiritual, sexual and gender identity.

Character Development and Transformation 101
Character development and education is stressed in all that we do at PGA. This course is designed to help girls develop and transform their character through examination of their sense and knowledge of: Judgment, Moral Beliefs, Integrity, Responsibility, Respect, Self-Discipline, Kindness, Courage and Perseverance.

Life Planning 101
This course is designed to challenge girls to get serious about their future. Girls will learn proper goal setting, as well be introduced to life mapping and life coaching and the key role they play in living a life of purpose and achieving success.

Socialization 101
This course is designed to equip girls to be socially competent. Girls will be equipped with foundational skills to initiate and maintain positive social relationships with others to include: communication, problem-solving, decision making, self-management, and peer relations abilities.

Personal Finance 101
This course is designed to empower girls with the knowledge to handle their personal finance wisely. The course will discuss budgeting, consumer rights and responsibilities, savings, and lifestyle management.

Healthy Living 101
In this course girls will learn what it means to live a healthy lifestyle to include: physical activity; stress management and healthy eating.

Anger Management 101
Effective Communication 101


Our goal is empower girls everywhere to live their life on purpose. As a result the PGA Online Academy was launched. Now girls everywhere have the opportunity to engage in the Purpose Girl experience. Receiving many of the same benefits are our local members.  

Benefits of our PGA Online Membership:

  • Monthly webinars designed to equip girls for success
  • Quarterly HOT Topic calls with Coach and Leslie and her special guests
  • MP3 Downloads of all HOT Topic calls
  • Virtual Purpose Girl Parties
  • Tips and Worksheets
  • Interviews with Girl Empowerment Experts

Our CORE curriculum is not offered through our PGA Online Membership. However, we do share some key points with our PGA Online Members.

All Purpose Girls Academy are led by Certified Girls Empowerment Coaches and Purpose Girls Facilitators.

To learn more about how you can become a Certified Girls Empowerment Coach please visit the Women Empowering Girls Network