Toni Herbert My Mentor and Friend

“I just want to give Leslie Denman kudos on how such a wonderful and awesome job she is doing with Girls Living Life on Purpose. Since my children and I joined the organization, I have learned so much and how to really communicate with them. You get so stuck in the Mommie mode until you actually forget that very own children have their own voice. I can sit back and reminisce on how I use to be as a parent, I use to tell them everything that they were going to do instead of giving them the opportunity to sit down and talk to me and trust me with some of their secrets that they may have been afraid to share with me. My daughters are delighted to be apart of Girls Living Life on Purpose because it has taught them how to interact with other young ladies as well as set the tone for other young girls who may be younger than them also. It has also taught them to tune into their desires and not be ashamed or afraid to thirst for the goals that they have set for themselves. I have had my daughters in a lot of organizations throughout their childhood and I must say this is the one that brings them joy, laughter, integrity, instructed them on how to cherish their bodies that God has given them. Leslie, I just want to say that you are an awesome and power woman of the most high God. With each email that you send out to share with the family of Girls Living Life on Purpose lets me know that God is truly smiling down on you! I know sometimes things may seem a little dimmer but trust in God with all your heart and lean not unto your understanding and he shall direct your path.”

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