Recently, I attended an event and received a COOL bookmark from Common Sense Media.  The bookmark shared some great tips for kids and parents and I will share them with you now...


1. Cyberbullying and digital harassment are never okay:  Stand up for others and flag cruel comments that you see online.

2. Always use the strictest online privacy settings:  Make sure they're up-to-date on all your devices.

3. Never share personal information or passwords online.

4. UNPLUG! Turn off your phone and other digital devices in class, during meals, and before bedtime.

5. Protect your reputation: Don't post anything that you wouldn't want your parents, teachers, or friends to see.

6. Respect other people's privacy:  Never share a friend's private messages or information without asking permission.

7. Don't believe everything you read or see online: And don't respond to digital messages from screen names that you don't recognize.

8. Respect and give credit for other people's work:  It's easy to copy and paste, but it's wrong to pretend that other people's work is yours.

9. Don't make anonymous comments or do or say anything online that you wouldn't want to put your name to.

10. Don't cheat: Cheating is always wrong, even if mobile and digital technology makes it easy.



1. Set firm time limits: Minimal or no screen time for tots under two and average two hours a day for older kids.

2. UNPLUG! Take personal technology time-outs: Spend unplugged time with your kids. Ex:meals are no-media zones.

3. Do your homework: Choose age-appropriate material for all platforms.

4. Learn their world: Go online, play digital games, and watch TV with your child.

5. Location, location, location: Keep family computers, digital games, and TVs in a common room.

6. Role model: Set a good digital example and regularly share your values and judgement.

7. Teach your kid to self-reflect before they self reveal: Think before hitting "send".

8. Make sure your child understands safe and appropriate online behavior.

9. Education & Technology: Help your kid take advantage of great digital educational activities and resources.

10. Stay Involved: Know what your kid is seeing and going in the digital world and talk about any issues that come up.