Ways to Pop-Up and Check-In With Your Daughter

woman-textingWe lead such busy lives that it is easy to forgot to check in with our daughters to see how they are REALLY doing?

The days in our teenage daughters lives change from minute to minute and sometimes second to second.  One minute things are awesome and the next there was a tweet or Facebook post that has totally changed her mood.

Oftentimes, as mom we are clueless to what happened...

Our girls heads are buried in the screen for hours on end.  Some where during that time, mom needs to pop up and check in.

Here are three simple ways to pop-up and check-in...

1. Send a I LOVE YOU message where you she hangs out on the social scene (Facebook, Twitter, KIK, Instagram)

2. IM her (Instant Message) her.  She will definitely think you are too old to do it, but do it anyway.  You will be surprised the conversations you two can have. Whether you are in the room or not. Though it is really fun when you two are under the same room but in different rooms. Now mom, don't try to correct or judge during your IM moments.  Instead, encourage her to share and just have fun. Girl Texting

3.  Send her a selfie.  This is a great way to remind her of her values!  Something like "REMEMBER MOM IS ALWAYS WATCHING...lol

So there you have it.  Three (3) simple ways to pop-up and check-in.  

If you have some creative ways to check-in with your daughter, comment below and let us know.