Our YETS Program is one of our CORE programs that empowers youth through the message of abstinence. We do not shy away from the subject of sex, in fact, we embrace the opportunity to engage youth in a rich dialogue about sex to provide them with medically accurate, age appropriate information to encourage them to commit or recommit to a lifestyle of abstinence until they are in a committed relationship (marriage). We talk about sex as something you can do BUT only when you are mature enough to handle it. Which makes for interesting conversation. Which is exactly what we want, DIALOGUE so we can address the myths, challenge the rationales and look at the cold hard facts.

Some might say that we are being naive but we say that we are presenting an option with information and statistics to back it up and our youth are listening. They are learning what a healthy relationship looks like. They are learning how to view and respect their bodies. They are learning medically accurate terminology when to comes STIs and HIV. They are learning that they can choose to wait. They are learning that their future is bright and a child deserves to be brought into the world with healthy, happy parents in a committed relationship. They are learning that they can have a conversation about sex and their bodies without being ashamed or embarrassed. Our YETS Program is delivered in such a way that youth THINK for themselves. We facilitate conversations to help them voice their goals, their dreams and their desires.

Our YETS Program starts with 450-minute abstinence education and life skills program. YETS utilizes an evidence-based, medically accurate and age appropriate curriculum, delivered in ten (10) 45-minute lessons. Youth are also provided an opportunity to participate in 20 hours of Service Learning.

Our YETS curriculum has the exclusive purpose of helping teens understand the social, psychological, and health gains realized by abstaining from sexual activity until marriage. The central focus of the curricula helps students discover for themselves that saving sex for marriage is the safest, healthiest lifestyle. Our module topics include:

  • Living Life On Purpose
  • Standing Strong
  • Thinking Ahead
  • Protecting Your Mind
  • The Power of Self-Control
  • Marriage Rocks
  • Making a Fresh Start
  • The Big Picture

When young people value abstinence and have sufficient self-worth, self-efficacy, future orientation and peer independence to actually abstain from sexual activity outside of marriage, they are less likely to experience the negative consequences that can make it more challenging to reach their potential.

Let's face it, in a culture that glamorizes sex, we can't bury our head in the sand and dance around the topic. We partner with parents who may not feel comfortable having the discussion. We partner with schools that may not have a health education class. We partner with community organizations that may not have the resources to deliver evidence-based programming. We partner with youth to help them make sound decisions when it comes to postponing sexual involvement so they can focus on being pursuing their purpose. We do all of this FREE of charge.

Our YETS Program is supported and funded by the Health and Human Services Commission. health-and-human-services-commission

Once youth successfully complete our YETS Program, they are invited to become a member of our YETS Club.



Our YETS Club is where youth are equipped with 21st Century Work and Life Skills along with social and emotional skill development. As you know our youth as developing and experiencing a wide range of emotions and when their feelings are not well managed, thinking can be impaired. When thinking is impaired in the classroom, real learning is not taking place. Our program provides youth with the skills and ability to understand and manage their emotions. We empower youth to become aware of their feelings and identify healthy ways to cope, rather than acting on them.

The great thing about our YETS Club is that it can be tailored to suit your needs. We do not have a one size fits all program. We allow our partners to select the topics that best suit their campus and/or community.

We welcome the opportunity to bring the YETS program to your school, faith-based or community-based organization.

Contact us today and let's get started.