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Rated PG LogoThank you for stopping by Girls Living Life On Purpose, Inc.® (GLLOP) the place where Purpose Girls™ are made.

We equip and empower older adolescent girls for purpose. We understand the struggles of todays’ urban girl.  They are busier than ever.  They are more exposed than ever.  They are bombarded with negative images and messages now more than ever.  So it is no wonder they are more confused, frustrated, angry, depressed, and vulnerable than ever.   Our girls are looking for validation and acceptance to be who they really are.

With so many distractions and temptations, girls need an outlet.  They need a place where they can slow down and breathe. They need a place where they can speak their truth and be heard.  They need a place where they feel safe to let down their guards, lose the attitude, laugh and just be a girl.

Girls Living Life On Purpose is that place because honestly, we get it and we are here to help them sort it all and navigate successfully through the teen years PG Style!

Mom, if you are noticing some behavioral changes.  If you are concerned about her new friends.  If that attitude is getting a little out of hand.  If those grades are starting to slip.  Maybe, she just has too much FREE time on her hands. You have come to the right place.

Teen girl are struggling to fit in?  Are  you finding it hard to make the right decisions? Is your anger getting the best of you? Does your confidence need a boost? Are you seeking the wrong kind of attention?  Are you about to graduate high and have not a clue what to do next?  Do you need someone to talk to? Are you feeling alone?   Guess what help is here…

We coach.  We mentor.  We empower.  We serve.  We listen.  We encourage.  We laugh.  We support. We boost confidence.  We elevate self-esteem.  We care.  We believe in YOU.

Come on in and browse around.  Check out our program and I am sure you will agree GLLOP is the place to be.

Our Journey

In 2005, we started with a five girls, and a few faithful women.

In 2006, our membership increased by 50%

In 2007, we received our 501c3 tax exempt status.

In 2008, we hosted our first Girls Empowerment Conference with over 75 girls in attendance.

In 2009, our CEO was recognized and featured as an Unsung Hero by Ebony Magazine and PineSol.

In 2010, we enhanced brand to include an online forum the Purpose Girls Academy.

In 2011, we expanded our reach and accepted our first application for a Purpose Girls Academy in the East Texas area.

In 2012, we have served over 1,000 girls in the DFW and surrounding areas.

In 2013, we expanded internationally with the launch of Purpose Girls Academy Australia.

and we are just getting started…JOIN THE MOVEMENT

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