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We equip and empower older adolescent girls for purpose and success. We walk alongside our girls to elevate their self-esteem, boost their self-confidence and provide guidance and support.  We understand the struggles of todays' urban girl. They are busier than ever. They are more exposed than ever. They are bombarded with negative images and messages now more than ever. So it is no wonder they are more confused, frustrated, angry, depressed, and vulnerable than ever. Our girls are looking for validation and acceptance to be who they really are.

With so many distractions and temptations, girls need an outlet. A safe place where they can slow down and breathe. They need a place where they can speak their truth and be heard. They need a place where they feel safe to let down their guards, lose the attitude, laugh and just be a girl.

Girls Living Life On Purpose is that place because honestly, we get it and we are here to help them sort it all out and navigate successfully through the teen years PG Style!

We extend our official welcome to Girls Living Life on Purpose (GLLOP)! Please enjoy our Identity 101: A Girl's Journey to Discovering Her True Self

The Purpose Girls Academy (PGA)


New program year begins October 2017

PGA is the ideal place for teen girls to discover their true identity and get empowered for purpose and success.  Our girls need a place to relax and simply BE.  A place to dream without fear of failure.  A place to examine their moral compass.  A place to ask questions without judgment.  A place to learn what it means to be a girl that transforms into a woman. A place like PGA.

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Parents on Purpose (POP) is an exciting program created to be a safe place for parents to dialogue and receive support as they strive to raise their child(ren) to be successful individuals. POP Clubs are monthly gathering of parents to share stories, learn new skills, ask questions and be a part of a supportive circle of parents. Nothing complicated, just a place for parents  to breathe and know that they are not alone...

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Become an Empowerment Coach

Is it your dream to make a difference in this world? Take the first step today towards transforming the world in the career you have been called to do...

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The Women Empowering Girls Network™ (WEGN)  exists to increase the capacity of women to effectively impact the lives of the girls and young women they serve.

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